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Easy Site-wide IMAGE AND URL REPLACEMENT : fix non-compatibily with "Enable Media Replace" plugin
Pro web designers need to constantly replace images AND image urls on a cloned template website - this can easily be done by fixing the non-compatibility with the free Enable Media Replace wordpress plugin. Here's what's up: Currently all free wordpress plugins that enable this function, especially "Enable Media Replace" are broken only with Breakdance but functions with all known page builders. I have tried 5 other plugins that modify images or urls and they all do not work with Breakdance. Breakdance's own "replace url" function does not work with images at all and the workflow would be dismal in comparison to the 10 minute process of using Enable Media Replace to replace dozens of images across dozens of pages automatically with simple click in the media folder. I have been told that this function is possible with the VERY expensive Updraft Plus Search and Replace feature but Updraft Plus is a true ripoff at $200 a year, they've always been a rip off for their simple site cloning function. Anyways, cloning websites is fundemental to all serious web designers - and adjusting URL of all media is huge for all SEO work as it means your cloned template website does not have cloned media and cloned media url's which is bad for Google. Basically the absolutely wonderful Breakdance builder has a serious problem with not being able to do this professional maneuver. I just had to manually replace all images in url through my website and it was a true nightmare that stretched over a day and half due to the added confusion and re-checking involved. This is a task that normally takes us 10 minutes! Thank you so much for all that you've done, please go this next step for us! In case you were wondering here are the other plugins with lesser but similar function that just don't work with Breakdance: Enable Media Replace Replace Image Better Find and Replace Pheonix Media Rename (damages all site function) Only "Enable Media Replace" lets you easily replace both images and URL. many thanks!!!
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