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Hi there! I have checked out all the Breakdance YouTube videos but couldn't find any video on how to make a "Category Index Page". Also, nobody else has covered this. FYI: Category Index Pages are those pages that list sub-categories and their sub-categories(if they do exist) along with the total number of posts/entries/listings etc. followed by the posts. I have attached 2 screenshots displaying the same. These screenshots were taken from a Plugin: Directories Pro - Directory plugin for WordPress. https://codecanyon.net/item/directories-pro-for-wordpress/21800540 DEMO: https://demo.directoriespro.com/ I hope with the Breakdance we can get this done -- maybe with some custom PHP codes? Can't wait to find the solution. Thanks. ----------------------------------------------------------- The above was my support email to the Breakdance team and they replied with..... Hello, How to create Category Index Pages. There isn't a built-in way to accomplish this at this time. You would most likely need to use a Code Block to accomplish this. Unfortunately, we're not able to advise on the specific code for this, but you'll most likely want to use a wp_term_query. Alternatively, you could check out the third-party Destiny Elements package, which has a Taxonomy Loop Builder element that may help you accomplish what you're looking for: https://destiny.ie/elements/ . ----------------------------------------------------------- To which this was my final message: Thank you for the suggestions, I will check it out. I hope Breakdance Builder incorporates a built-in way to accomplish building "Category Index Pages" in the future. Category Index Pages - this is a must-have feature. Thanks. ----------------------------------------------------------- To which I was asked to open this "Feature Request" here: Please feel free to request this on the Roadmap page at https://breakdance.canny.io/ . ----------------------------------------------------------- I hope this feature is prioritized as it is a very important must-have feature for any Directory or listing websites and even among others. Thanks, Bunch! God Bless! ----------------------------------------------------------- Here is a video: Creating a category index page of Wordpress - using PHP Code Method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3Iw6C9DqEQ
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